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14 Jan 2023

When to Alert on What?

We have all been there when we go into a new company or team, looking at their stack and especially alerting, and somet...
15 Nov 2021

What should be on a SLI dashboard

SRE practices and particularly the observability part help us keep a clear head by focusing on few key signals that mat...
01 Feb 2021

Prometheus at Scale with Thanos: Timing Parameters

The story begins a few weeks or months after you have had the epiphany to scale out your Prometheus setup with Thanos. ...
19 Aug 2020

Axe Sharpening or Yak Shaving?

We often use many tools in our everyday activities. Tools enable us to be faster and more precise while allowing us to ...
13 Aug 2020

Alerting issues with Alertmanager

Alerting is a vital part of operations, as it frees humans from watching systems and let them tend to more creative and...